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Sam. Forty-something Canadian. NOT a spoiler-free blog!!! I am an unapologetic lover of Glee, missteps and all and my heart belongs to Klaine and the boys who play them. I have no time for reactionary fandom wank; I'm too old for that shit. Also, I don't "ship" real people, but I do reblog lovely pictures of them being happy with their actual partners... So tinhats be warned, Will and Mia exist in my world and on my blog! Glee is my joy and my escape, I love spec and meta and have a wild and exuberant appreciation for the amazing artists and fic writers in this fandom. My Ask is always open, so come say hi!
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24th April 2014

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24th April 2014

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XInbox, Outbox, Timestamps and XKit Patches updated


XInbox, Outbox, Timestamps and XKit Patches extensions are now updated to work properly with today’s (invisible) Tumblr changes.

To get the updates, you can wait for XKit to update itself or go to XKit Control Panel > Other > Update All panel. After the update, publishing asks, reblogging posts and timestamps should once again start working.

I’m currently investigating if any other extension is affected by today’s Tumblr update. If, after updating XKit, an extension still does not work, please send me an ask and I will update it as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

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24th April 2014

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Inbox problems


There seems to be a problem with publishing asks when using XInbox, due to recent Tumblr changes. Unfortunately, I can not debug and fix the problem for at least another hour.

If you need to publish asks, you can disable XInbox from XKit Control Panel > XInbox and uncheck the “Enable XInbox” option until I can fix it.

I apologize for this and will be fixing it as soon as I get home. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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24th April 2014

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yet another new york st.berry au 

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24th April 2014

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24th April 2014

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old/new pic


old/new pic

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24th April 2014

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24th April 2014

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5x18 Back-up Plan Stills

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24th April 2014

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So here is what I’m getting from the spoilers/ep description for finale (based on what’s available and subject to change):

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So… Drama, Blaine getting a taste of success but with a price, Kurt coping by finding his place in Neverland, big decisions, and an wildly romantic song that speaks of dedication and love through all weather and every hurdle?

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24th April 2014

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Anonymous asked: I've seen some speculation that the 'tough decision' Blaine is going to face in the finale, according to the 5x20 ep description, is that Shirley Maclaine's character may ask that he hide the fact that he's gay in order to make it as a performer. I know you're interested in how Glee can be representative of queer experiences of decades past- what do you think of this? Would they want to go there? Is it still a relevant story?


It is absolutely still a relevant story.

I think any story about what would you do for your ambition is always relevant and always interesting and one creatives like to tell because we have to ask ourselves those questions every day, no matter where we’ve already gotten.

And I think in a show that has been very good, in a fantastical way, at showing the price of the dream (it’s hard on your relationships, it takes work, you hear no, people won’t like you, often, success is addictive), it’s totally relevant.

I don’t actually think that’s quite what’s going to happen there.  I suspect it will be more about the patronage angle and autonomy and integrity and just what it is and isn’t we’re selling when we are, as performers selling ourselves.

But I think it will be implicit in what Blaine can get for being an older woman’s beautiful arm candy.

What I hope, about the story, actually, is mostly that it’s deft and nuanced.  It’s easy to write a story about the casting couch or staying in the closet to be famous.  But the story about the “well,don’t mention it … in the press” or “you don’t have to fuck me, but I really like to look, and I want to touch you in public like you’re mind” — the spaces of play pretend that bleed into real life to get the thing.

I want Glee to tell me that story.

And I suspect it’s going to.  Because Blaine Anderson has practically been designed to tell that story with.  And if they do tell that story, eventually, we’re going to see the boy who can’t say no, say no in a considered way.

That’s huge.

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24th April 2014

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24th April 2014

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i’m having a thought that blaine having to make a choice about kurt could be june asking him to hide the fact that he’s gay, because she thinks it will affect his stardom. this would be a really interesting story to tell, considering not just the historical context, but also the crazy conversation that goes on around people thinking darren is gay and hiding it. of course blaine would ultimately choose kurt and being out – this isn’t the 1950s, and while they’re both devilishly handsome, blaine is not rock hudson. ;)

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